Thursday, 17 February 2011


I Created a matchbox robot and decided to present it with drawings and photographs of 1950's robots.

Girls Face

These are two portraits i created using layered photographs in a collage.

Brown shoes

charcoal observational drawing colour edited in photoshop

Black and white mark making

Mark making. mixed media.

colour mark making

Mark making. mixed media.

Bike pumps

Mark making.

Dean Clough

stencil painting using spray paint.

Astro belt alphabet

Type created using folded sweets.

Light Alphabet

Type created using glowsticks

Cow and horse sequence

Series of photographs showing possible variations of wooden toys.

Magic Tree airfreshners

A new design of the classic magic tree air freshner.

The Man in the white suit

developmental work for classics re-issue brief.

Pinhole cameras

Two portraits created using a pinhole camera.

Photography 1

series of landscape photographs


These are four photographs taken as a personal response to the photography block week